Ramshackle Cabaret: Pushing the Boundaries of Local Art

Artchange is excited to partner with the Ramshackle Cabaret.

This year the 5th annual event, “Cabinet of Curiosities” debuts March 17th and 18th at the Centennial Hall in Sitka from 9-11 PM. The doors open at 7:30 for snacks, drinks, art viewing, and curious entertainment.The Ramshackle Cabaret’s mission is to empower women and support the reproductive health of our community members. The event both fits Artchange's mission and inspires participants, who breathe fire, perform burlesque and use comedy, to get audiences laughing and to raise funds for Planned Parenthood. General admission tickets available at Old Harbor Books and the VIP tickets can be purchased at the Sitka Hotel bar. 

Hillary Seeland, one of the show's producers explains, "The Ramshackle Cabaret goal is to continue to grow and flourish. We are a passionate and dedicated group of professionals who volunteer all our time, materials, blood, sweat, and tears to both entertain our community and to push the boundaries of local art. We aim to ask people to critically think about the world around us and to spend an evening immersed in entertainment and social change.“

Check out a short video from "Behind the Scenes of the Ramshackle Cabaret"



Sitka Tells Tales and the Ramshackle Cabaret

Fork in the Road

A good crowd for live local storytelling and some fine  tales, involving lessons in tolerance and understanding, relocations and close calls with large animals (a moose).

Lakota HardenPhoto by James Poulson

Lakota HardenPhoto by James Poulson

Shannon times the tellers. Photo by James Poulson.

Shannon times the tellers. Photo by James Poulson.

Ramshackle Cabaret

We're excited to partner with the annual Ramshackle Cabaret. 
Rehearsals have started. The event is on March 17th and 18th and proceeds go to women's health. More to come on this and why we want to help make it happen. 

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2017 Artchange at Work

Here are some updates on what we're up to:

We're lining up tellers for a live storytelling event on February 9th in Sitka called "Fork in the Road."  Join us if you are in town! This is an ongoing series, called "Stika Tells Tales."

Larkspur Cafe. Thursday, February 9th, 7-8:30 PM. Hosted by Artchange Inc. and Island Institute

Larkspur Cafe. Thursday, February 9th, 7-8:30 PM. Hosted by Artchange Inc. and Island Institute

Delores Churchill and Ellen Frankenstein are off to Vancouver Island in March to show Tracing Roots and participate in  Pieces, a two day celebration of fiber and weaving.  The film is also a nominee for an award from Royal Anthropological Institute and will screen at a the RAI Film Festival in Bristol. 
Public television broadcasts continue. The latest statistics for January-March airings: 1251 broadcasts  in 38 states with 72.7% coverage in the U.S.  That is a potential audience of  211 million people in 83 million households. 

We're developing a new project called "99835," a documentary film set in one place, with three stories, shot over a year, 

 “Driving on Rain in Sitka, is a newly completed short film about switching to electric vehicles in a town with hydroelectric power.  

ev town. jpg

Can an electric vehicle make it up a mountain? Find out and meet a teen learning to drive on a EV and get her tuba and dog in the car. Funded and created with Renewable Energy Alaska Project, Sitka Conservation Society and the Sustainable Southeast Partnership.

Check out the new trailer for Uprivers.  Uprivers is a documentary about two watersheds and the communities that depend on them in the face of a mining boom presently underway in British Columbia. It is the stories of two rivers; a wild river that has been deeply wounded, and another river, at risk of the same fate. Zach Desmond and Matthew Jackson are directing the film. We need more funds to finish it and get it out for use! Click here to learn more.

At work on Uprivers

At work on Uprivers

With a new grant from the Patagonia Foundation, JD Schulyer will continue work on his feature length film, Last Man Fishing, about small scale fishermen from Maine to Alaska, in time of consolidation of fishing fleets and the waning health of the ocean. This is the story of the remaining fishermen and the ways they are working with consumers, policy makers and community leaders to enhance the health of and well-being of players up and down the seafood chain.  See the trailer. Donations welcome. 

We excited to be updating our gear!  Thanks to a grant from the Rasmuson Foundation for helping us update the technology that helps us collaborate, tell stories and generate conversation.