Uprivers: a documentary about two women and the watersheds they depend on. On either side of the Alaska / British Columbia border, indigenous communities are responding to unregulated mining with their own agenda.

Brian Sparks’ platoon was sent to Iraq in 2005. They saw a lot of “stuff” in Iraq, and were exposed to a lot of killing and trauma. Now Brian is asking the soldiers he went to war with to share their stories, and the result will be a series of radio stories featuring first-hand accounts of the war.

A 56-minute video filmed, edited and unfinished. The documentary “Double Passage,” grew out of the work of anthropologist, George Gmelch. It is set on the island of Barbados and tells the story of return migrants who traveled abroad to England, worked and came home



A documentary/interactive project in development about our complex relationship to technology and a connected, wired world.

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A documentary photo series from Nicaragua revisited:
An exploration into returning and relooking.  


Our world’s oceans are in trouble, and that’s a story worth telling. So much so that talented filmmaker and photographer duo JD and Kelley Jordan Schuyler committed two years of traveling coast to coast to uncover the story of our nation’s small-scale fisherman. A partnership project with Artchange.