A portrait of weaver Delores Churchill infused by her passion to create, her enthusiasm for teaching and understanding culture and history and her strong sense of connection to the natural world. Find out more

What happens to a vegetarian who moves to Alaska and marries a commercial fisherman and deer hunter? Find out more ›

After Stan Marsden lost his son to a cocaine overdose, he was at first incapacitated by grief, but a year later Stan, who is an Alaskan Tsimpsean wood carver, decided to create a totem pole in his son's memory. Find out more › 

A live local storytelling series featuring true tales hosted by Artchange.
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Uprivers is a documentary about two watersheds and the communities that depend on them in the face of a mining boom in British Columbia. The story of a wild river that has been irreversibly altered, and another river, as yet untouched. 
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Young Alaskans learning media tools to cultivate conversations about community, home, and culture Find out more

Ramshackle Cabaret

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Founded with a rebellious spirit., the Ramshackle Cabaret is a platform for local volunteers to showcase their untapped, and often unconventional, talents Proceeds go to organizations that support reproductive and sexual health in Alaska. Find out more.

A documentary photo series from Nicaragua revisited. An exploration into returning and relooking.  Take a look

14 Miles

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14 Miles: Dispatches from an island in Alaska. 
There's fourteen miles of paved road from one end of Sitka to the other. An episodic film series framed by time and place.
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Artchange, inc.

Artchange, Inc. is a non-profit that supports the creation of documentary media, contemporary art, and community projects that foster participation, collaboration and interaction. Through communication and art including theater, video, photography, radio & audio storytelling, writing, and public art we work to create dialogue and community.