Our Mission

We support the creation of documentary media, contemporary art and community projects that foster participation, collaboration and interaction. Through communication and art including theater, video, photography, sound, writing, and public art we can create dialogue and community. Our goal is to delve into contemporary issues and articulate experiences, struggles and aspirations to inspire reflection and action. Artchange, inc. hosts and organizes exhibitions, workshops, film screenings and other public events for youth and adults.


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Core Values

•    Inspire commonality among people

•    Respect differences of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, or sexual preference

•    Provide safe and open forums for positive dialogue

•    Pursue social, economic and environmental justice

•    Cultivate meaningful partnerships with like-minded groups

•    Use multi-disciplinary approaches to reach diverse  audiences.


What we do

•    The production of photo essays, short films  & documentaries

•    Creative outreach and engagement projects

•    Workshops using visual arts, writing, theater and music

•    Collaborative projects with artists, researchers, writers and cultural practitioners

•    Mentoring youth and adults

We welcome collaborations with non-profits, schools and individuals on social justice and educational art projects. Artchange can help you develop a project, fundraise, define your story and identify your audience. Contact us!

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Who We Are

Executive Director: Ellen Frankenstein

Board of Directors: Andrew Thoms, Sarah Ferency, Spencer Severson. Andrew Miller

Additional Artchangers include artists, students, interns, educators, and partners including:

Tinder/Other AK Ringleader: Elise Pepple

Second Platoon Creator: Brian Sparks

Double Passage Producer: George Gmelch

Ask A Local Producer: Iolanda Depizzol

Queen of Tumblr & The Ride: Alina Aksiyote Benardete

Photographer/Writer for What Sitka Eats/Framing Success:  Lucy Wang

Documentary Story and Editing Consultants: J Clements and Shirley Thompson

Bookeeping: Balanced Accounting 

Website Design: Taylor Dow

Artchange is based in Alaska, but our work and our artists travel here and beyond.