“Animal Nature” is a new book about Burgess Bauder, a well-loved and generous veterinarian, builder and diver, who makes his home in Sitka, with a household of pets and his wife, the "lovely Victoria."

Barry Burger, an admirer of Burgess and friend, asked John Straley to write a book about Burgess and to collaborate with Ellen Frankenstein on the photographs. He made the request as he was dying from a brain tumor. A few years later the book was published. Ellen collected and took many more images than could fit in the book, so we wanted to share some more of them. We have more to post, so check back to see them.

Thanks to Aleeta Bauder, Beau Bauder, Jan and Charlie Clarke, Clint Simic and Victoria Vosburg for the additional photos of Burgess and Barry.  
We will add more photos soon.

Copies of  "Animal Nature" available at Old Harbor Books

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Burgess Archival HS copy BW.jpg
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2018 -Burgess_deathbarge4_1380687 copy.jpg
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