You’re on an Alaskan mountaintop connected by GPS and a smart phone, are you alone? A controversy or an unanswered question comes up at the dinner table, how long before someone does a Google search?

Frankentweet is a wry attempt to document our lives in a rapidly changing landscape of digital devices and technological advancement. Based in Alaska, but reaching beyond, Frankentweet is about the power and pitfalls of our connected shared lives,  our sense of place, our memories, and identities, the way we teach and learn and our hunger to innovate. We’re integrating the project director’s name: “Frankenstein" and raising questions about the repercussions and possibilities of our creations. In an Eating Alaska style of inquisitiveness and exploration we’re researching, gathering stories, and generating conversation. The format? It is evolving. Frankentweet includes short videos, podcasts, social media and artistic interruptions. 


Get involved - If you want to participate in our project, please take this short survey on technology in your world! Or watch our challenge video and send us a response!


Think about our questions. Provoke a discussion in your community. Document what happens and share your thoughts and videos with us!!


A series of video and audio shorts we're working on now:

Conversation Starters

Videos: Here are some short projects, created by Artchange Interns (aka "Frankentweeters"),  
to generate conversation about our changing digital landscape.
We've got questions and you probably do too. Who benefits from the technical revolution? How are our behaviors changing as zones of privacy do too? What are we really sharing and to whom? What is the next addictive app? How can we use this digital revolution to improve our lives?

Photos: Check out our Instagram @frankentweet for further exploration of technology, communication and the changing social landscape. You can also contribute to the discussion on Facebook! 


Interested in helping out? Have a story to share? Contact us or make a donation!