Artchange Job Description:

Documentary Film/Social Art Practice Creator

The Intern/Creator will assist with ongoing documentary film work, live storytelling events and social practice art projects. To be successful in this role requires experience with digital media, social media and website creation. Artchange looks for applicants who are outgoing, creative, well-organized, open to interaction and the unexpected, able to be work both on a team and independently and have experience or interest in journalism, social practice/community art, social justice projects, anthropology and sociology.

In collaboration with Artchange's Director, the current job responsibilities include researching, producing, filming and editing short films for an ongoing episodic media series called 14 Miles. 14 Miles is  an experiment in asking universal questions about democracy, geography, community, and change through local stories of a small Alaskan community. See  14 Miles or the project Facebook page. In addition, the job includes creating written outreach content for social media and web use of 14 Miles episodes and organizing and helping to document screening and live storytelling events.

More on 14 Miles and the Work

14 Miles is an episodic documentary film project set in Sitka, Alaska, an island in the panhandle of SE Alaska with less than 9,000 people. Serious, wry, curious: we’re uncovering what might get passed by, even in a remote town with only 14 miles of road from one end to the other.

 The intern will be provided with one-on-one mentorship and support in order to collaboratively develop, produce, film, and edit new episodes. They will be immersed within the small island community and gain comfortability with the ‘atypical’ and spontaneous nature of documentary work, interaction with individuals from varied social and cultural environments, and creative, locally-inspired outreach. The collaboratively created episodes will live and resonate beyond the summer and Alaskan borders.


Assistance with securing housing. Stipend towards travel to and from Alaska from the continental U.S.


  1. Samples of film, audio, writing or other creative or research based work (and detailed description of applicant’s contribution if media created in group)

  2. Resume and cover letter indicating: relevant skills and role in sample work.

Email materials to Ellen Frankenstein at


  • Relevant job or volunteer experience in shooting and production editing (graphic art experience a plus)

  • Open to interaction and the unexpected

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills

  • Perseverance in overcoming challenges

  • Empathy and Respect for diverse experiences and backgrounds

  • Flexibility and adaptability, especially in group settings

  • Ability to work independently

  • Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail

  • Enthusiasm about social justice principles, documentaries and social practice/social or community art

  • Background in art, journalism, anthropology, psychology, or sociology useful


Deadline: March 1st