14 Miles is a documentary film project set in Sitka, Alaska, on an island in the panhandle of Southeast Alaska. It is a town of fewer than 9,000 people surrounded by mountains and ocean. While the distance from one end of Sitka to the other is not long (14.3 miles to be precise), the potential to engage people in creating a series of micro-documentaries about place and identity is abundant. These films address what we share and what divides us, as well as what makes us proud to live in Alaska. We will regularly release short films into the summer of 2019 via social media, broadcast, and placement on websites. In addition to online conversations, 14 Miles will host public gatherings and a series of locally-generated tours. 14 Miles is a project of Artchange, Inc.


Our stories and tours cover a range of topics and asks the following questions: What are the places and people that make up our community?  What do we value as individuals and as a group? What are the stories that are unique to this particular place and time; what is going on in this moment that has never happened before? How do we share our perspectives with each other in contemporary times?

14 Miles is also an experiment in short-form storytelling. Serious, wry, curious: we’re digging and uncovering what might get passed by, even in a remote town with only 14 miles of road from one end to the other. The stories we want to share are local, but also universal. 14 Miles will share how this place connects, and at times doesn't, to the world "off the rock." 


14 Miles is made possible by a crew of curious, talented and risk taking thinkers, artists and chefs of life.

  • ELLEN FRANKENSTEIN: 14 Mile instigator and ringleader, is a media maker, community arts organizer and Director of Artchange, Inc motivated by how stories connect us and help us see each other. She wants to see democracy succeed and for rural and red communities to be vibrant, diverse and inclusive.

The rest of the crew includes:

serin lee shooting an episode

serin lee shooting an episode

sana alimohamed recording audio for “Light and dark”

sana alimohamed recording audio for “Light and dark”

  • JACKIE FERRO: A producer, editor, and writer, mostly of screenplays, sometimes of songs. She is especially interested in community, democracy, and the many ways people struggle to communicate with one another.

  • EMMA KEYES: A recent college graduate interested in writing, filmmaking, and storytelling of all kinds. She’s heading off to get a Masters in Irish writing and film in Cork, Ireland.

  • ANNA LEE HIRSCHI: An agile writer, experienced with social media, instigating and organizing events, and framing projects. She is currently the Deputy Campaign Manager for Mary Jennings "M.J." Hegar a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate for Texas.

  • SERIN LEE: An artist who has worked in the past as a reporter, graphic designer, translator, filmmaker and projectionist, and programming chair at a student cinematheque. What leads her to new projects and people is her interest in stories and culture, and their convergence in film as a means of navigating elements of home and place.

  • SANA ALIMOHAMED: Inspired by–people who are passionate about what they do and people who are kind, selfless, and persevere in spite of adversity, Sana’s brought a background in Psychology, experience counseling and a love of storytelling to 14 Miles. 

  • MIREYA GUZMAN-ORTIZ: They are a non-fiction artist interested in exploring coloniality, gender, land, diaspora, and queerness primarily through film. Find them editing, filming, writing, being joyful, and building knowledges with people of all ages.

    Our Collaborators:

    Our episodes are made possible through collaborations with individuals and organizations. The list is long and includes: Braveheart Volunteers, the Fortress of the Bears, the Greater Sitka Arts Council, Office of Children Services, with 3 to 5 Preschool, the Ramshackle Cabaret, KCAW Raven Radio, The RIDE, the Salvation Army Corps, Sitka Conservation Society, Sitka Counseling, Sitka Cirque, the Sitka Public Library, the Sitka School District, the Sitka Tribe of Alaska, the White Elephant, Youth Advocates of Sitka and others.


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