Downloading Guns, Saving Newspapers & Frankentweet

Downloadable guns. Once one of the hubs of the way we shared information, major newspapers collected by billionaires.

What do these two headlines and heavily tweeted topics have in common:

Change? The impact of technology? The human ability to manipulate tools, weapons and the way we communicate?

Check this out. What else can we print?

From the New York Times, a video called “Who Just Bought The Washington Post.” Bezos, according to the news, loves a challenge. He’s about new media and the printed word. Bezo’s started Amazon with $300,000 borrowed from his parents, working in a garage and now he’s taken over a newspaper with dropping revenues.  What will happen?

Why this blog and these comments?
We’re jumping into a project called “Frankentweet.”

Frankentweet will involve collection, provocation and dissemination. One end point is a documentary film. On the way we will involve artists, inventors, researchers, texting teens and self proclaimed Luddites, creating art, talking technology, playing, and contemplating ethics, culture, what’s changing and what’s not.