14 Miles, Sitka Tells Tales, and Healthcare


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A few weeks ago, we launched the first episode of 14 Miles: Dispatches from an Island in Alaska. 14 Miles is an experiment asking universal questions about democracy, geography, community, and change through local stories. Instead of spending two to four years making a 30 or 60-minute film, we’re taking a short episodic approach and posting films on social media and online. We invite viewers to respond, help create an episode, and explore these questions in their own communities

We hope this will be a template for people to celebrate the places they live, be it an urban neighborhood or an island community in Alaska.  We will be packaging films to air on Alaska Public Media, making DVDs and more. Please share them with your networks! New episodes will be released twice a month.

Listen to our interview about 14 Miles on KCAW, Raven Radio
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Our series continues. This edition is part of the Island Institute's Wild Language Festival
Sunday, November 19th 7-8:30 PM  at the Mean Queen.
Stories of miscommunication, seeing things in a new light, and finding the right words.Want to tell a tale at a future event? Let us know! Listen to past episodes here. 

Thanks to all who attended our Health Care Town Hall this past July. Access to affordable health care is still under debate. We will continue to encourage dialogue and action around this, and encourage people to sign up for an insurance plan during the open enrollment period, which runs through December 15, 2017

If local people need assistance with the Health Insurance Marketplace, please contact SEARHC Outreach and Enrollment at (907) 966-8662, 966-8883 or 966-8920